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Artists are visionaries. Artists get things done. Artists have the capacity to learn what they do not know and to ignite the hearts and minds of others. And though they make great sacrifices for their work, artists rarely get the support they deserve. I believe that artists are essential to the well being of our society and our future.

With 25 years of experience in the arts and a deep passion for working with creative people, Erin Elder supports committed artists in securing new opportunities, attaining professional goals, and making a lucrative and productive creative life for themselves. Gibbous is geared towards artists who already have a confident and consistent creative practice and might benefit from professional support to grow and sustain an artistic career. Gibbous helps artists develop professional tools, prepare applications, or present themselves publicly. Erin's approach is holistic, integrating the professional and the personal to move clients towards living more comfortably with their fullest potential.


  • attune to individual artist's skills, challenges, goals, and opportunities

  • provide confidential counsel on professional and art life matters

  • support with making difficult decisions or defining priorities

  • brainstorm possibilities

  • give feedback and/or pep-talks

  • offer long-term relational support



  • help to define authentic goals and find the right opportunities

  • make work plans and provide accountability for meeting goals and following through on creative and professional tasks

  • research and create spreadsheets of relevant residencies, project grants, public art calls, and exhibition opportunities, including deadlines, requirements, etc.

  • strategize for networking


  • Full confidentiality

  • Affordable rates and payment plans

  • Discounts for Black, Indigenous, and artists of color; artists with illness or disabilities; and artists living in financial precarity


  • refine ways to talk about work publicly, casually and confidently

  • refine artist statements, bios, and work descriptions

  • draft, edit, or compile applications according to deadlines and requirements

  • proofread important emails or other correspondence

  • prepare any kind of professional text to help you communicate

  • create online or print portfolios

  • create templates for newsletters

  • develop and/or design websites 

  • produce printed promotional materials such as business cards, exhibition postcards, brochures 

I listen. I consider. I amplify.

Gibbous begins with an intensive introductory consultation. This includes a thought-provoking questionnaire, preliminary individualized research, a 1.5 hour phone or zoom consultation, and task-based follow-up. After this initial consultation, I develop a custom plan to guide our work together over time. Want to get started? Let's dive in!

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