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Gibbous is a system of professional support made available to committed artists at pivotal moments in their careers.  Working with artists to secure a sustainable creative lifestyle, Gibbous offers confidential, affordable, customized services. With a unique focus on supporting artists and organizations with hybridized or multi-disciplinary practices, Gibbous steers clients towards a more authentic engagement with the new creative economy.  


Since 2015, Gibbous has supported over 175 artists from around the United States but also in Australia, Ireland, Germany, Canada, England and Mexico. My clients are primarily visual artists but also work in academia, writing, farming, music, dance, aerospace, arts administration, product development, book and zine production, comics, activism, and public art. Some clients are very well established while others are emerging; all are committed and usually experiencing some kind of transition in work, venue, or lifestyle. Most Gibbous artists need help with writing or other forms of administrative management while many also benefit from brainstorming, verbal processing and/or emotional support. The goal is to meet artists wherever they’re at emotionally and professionally, finding ways to get things done


My approach is holistic, integrated and custom-made. I work confidentially with individuals, on both a temporary and on-going basis, to help secure opportunities and amplify success. Everything discussed is off the record, encouraging a refreshing level of vulnerability, openness and trust. My goal is to help artists find ways to manage time, money, personal and professional activities to have a more successful art life. Working collaboratively with clients, we co-create unique strategies suited to the artist’s needs and goals. 


Many clients want to verbally process big decisions or existential questions. Others simply want to get a bunch of work done and will hire me to do opportunities research, aid with grant applications, proofread artist statements or craft exhibition proposals. Oftentimes artists come to me for help with self-promotion and networking, but I find the most impactful approach is to look at the whole picture with optimum transparency and creativity. We often develop multi-layered work plans to help meet goals easily, systematically, and with utmost professionalism. To be clear: I'm not an agent for artists, but more of a supportive coach and invested teammate. We can talk more about what this might mean for you personally, if and when we have an initial consultation.  


An initial consultation costs $195 and includes a 1.5 hour meeting on the phone or zoom, preceded by the attached questionnaire, research and preparation. The meeting does not revolve around your artwork and focuses instead on your life and goals. The initial visit is followed by a set of tasks that we agree upon during our meeting. 


After the initial consultation, I charge an hourly rate and round to the nearest quarter hour; I invoice twice monthly. I have a sliding scale of $70-100. BIPOC artists, artists with disabilities or artists in situations of extreme precarity can inquire about reduced rates. I often work with artists on a budget and am open to a range of payment plans. 


Some people have found an in-depth studio visit/consultation to be sufficiently helpful. With others, we've decided on a distinct project for follow-up (grant application, mailing list creation, website revamp, etc.) Still others have me on a retainer and I do a few hours of work each week for them, moving us in an agreed-upon trajectory. There are a range of ways this can work and it all depends on our shared sense of mutual benefit.


Ready? Follow this link to a questionnaire to get the process going.  Answers can be short or long, as much as you think is necessary. The questionnaire asks you to suggest a few times/dates you are available for a consultation. Once we set a date, I'll invoice you $195 via Paypal (due prior to our consultation) and then we’ll jump in!


Do you have any questions or concerns? Feel from to contact me. Otherwise, thanks so much for considering working together! 

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