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There is a potentially beautiful interdependence between artists and the venues and institutions that celebrate them. And yet cultural patterns have kept some organizations from experiencing a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with their artists. I help cultural entities know, nurture, and attune with artists as the invaluable human beings they are and to produce new types of interaction that transcend histories of extraction, exploitation and patriarchy.


Gibbous helps organizations develop communication tools, new programs, and modes of connectivity to help center shared values around creativity and community. Erin’s approach is holistic and adaptable, integrating an organization’s mission, needs, limits, and opportunities to collaborate with artists in celebratory and humane ways.


  • attune to organizational mission, particularly opportunities and challenges of working with artists

  • provide confidential counsel to organizational staff and board

  • give feedback and ideas, brainstorm possibilities 

  • analyze existing programs and documents

  • offer comparative analysis to similar organizations

  • offer long-term relational support

Give your  artists the support they deserve with a 10-hour package of customized service.

  • one-on-one 

  • confidential

  • individually customized 

  • high-impact


Perfect for artists-in-residence, MFA students, fellowship cohorts, faculty, staff, or other artists you care about deeply. 


  • help organizations communicate with integrity and passion

  • draft and edit important texts including press releases, year-end reports, public appeals, speeches, and website text

  • design artist-centric programming that is equitable, transparent, progressive, and creative

  • produce workshops and lectures to communicate, educate and integrate organizational opportunities

  • create online or print portfolios

  • develop and/or design websites 

  • create templates for newsletters

  • produce printed promotional materials such as business cards, exhibition postcards, brochures 

  • write about your programs and artists for internal or public use

  • grant-writing support


  • Speranza Foundation's Lincoln City Fellowship

  • ​City of Albuquerque Public Art Program


  • Agile Rascal Theatre

  • Organ Monument Oratory

  • Fuego Studios

  • South Valley Studio Tour

  • City of Albuquerque, Tipping Points Program

  • The Paseo Project

  • 516 ARTS


  • Albuquerque's Downtown Arts and Culture District

  • Central New Mexico University

  • Creativity & Innovation at Colorado College

  • Institute of American Indian Arts

  • Hecho Gallery

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