Gibbous supports artists in authentically and professionally presenting themselves to the world. There is no better tool to communicate the breadth and depth of an artist's work than the world wide web. In service of this goal, I perform an extensive intake interview, make suggestions about the website’s organization and didactics, and generate content when relevant. I require clients to be involved with decision-making, to compile quality web-ready images, and to take over the maintenance of the site after it is built. Gibbous is different from other web developers in that I consider each client’s individual needs, I closely proofread materials, and I take time to ensure that the site is a holistic expression of the artist and the work. I charge $1000 -1500, depending on the scope and function of the site, with half due up front and half due upon the completion of services. For custom coding, additional charges may apply. Discounts are negotiable.

"Building a website brought up a lot of existential questions about how to contextualize my work. Gibbous helped me organize and present my archive, coaching me through the tough decisions. My new website feels like a true reflection of me!"