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My primary goal is to support artists in authentically and professionally presenting themselves to the world. In service of this goal, I perform an extensive intake interview, make suggestions about the website’s organization and didactics, and generate content when relevant. I require clients to be involved with decision-making, to compile quality web-ready images, and to take over the maintenance of the site after it is built.


I operate differently from other web developers in that I consider each client’s individual needs as a creative person. I closely proofread materials and I take time to ensure that the site is a holistic expression of the artist and their work. I charge $1500 -$4000, depending on the scope and function of the site, with half due up-front and half due when the website goes live. You will also be charged for the website platform (usually $10/mo) and a domain name. Sound good? Let’s get started!


Ready? Follow this link to a questionnaire to get the process going.  


Do you have any questions or concerns? Feel from to contact me. Otherwise, thanks so much for considering working together! 

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