Gibbous is pleased to offer immersive and intimate workshops on the sometimes-daunting but highly-critical task of proposal writing. Whether applying for a grant, a residency, a solo exhibition or to graduate school, proposal-writing is the keystone for building a lucrative creative life. Learn to communicate your ideas clearly, persuade funders of their validity, and set yourself up with the tools for manifesting them on-budget and on-time. During this intensive course, participants learn how to identify hypothetically-fitting opportunities and are shepherded through the process of putting together a comprehensive, authentic, and inspired proposal that can be used to secure a real-life opportunity.


"This workshop helped me understand what goals are applicable to my work and gave me the confidence to authentically pursue them."


This workshop is available as a 5-week series, a 2-day seminar or a 6-hr workshop. For maximum impact, the workshop is geared for small groups and by application only. Participants have the opportunity to contract Gibbous for individualized feedback, proof reading, and proposal-writing support. Through a variety of services, Gibbous aims to launch committed artists into a new realm of professional success and personal satisfaction.


A sample syllabus for the 5-week series is below. Please contact for rates and availability.


Week 1: If the opportunity fits...


  • Where to find grants, residencies, exhibition opportunities and more!

  • How to gauge the right opportunity for you


Week 2: Presenting YOU


  • Basics of and differences between a good CV, resume and bio

  • Writing a good artist statement

  • Online portfolio, website, and images -- what you need to prepare


Week 3: The big idea


  • How to pitch a big idea in 500 words

  • Guestimating a timeline

  • Managing a budget

  • The wild card questions you might be asked


Week 4: One-on-one consultation


  • 20-minute private meetings


Week 5: Sealing the deal


  • Tips on managing a grant or other opportunity

  • How to use your budget and timeline, even as circumstances change

  • Final reports

  • Leveraging an opportunity for others

  • Keeping the momentum going


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