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Creativity cannot thrive in isolation. In order to thrive, creativity needs encouragement, careful critique, and especially the power of camaraderie. I’m passionate about bringing creative people together — outside of the public eye — to explore themselves and the larger issues at hand.

Gibbous designs custom workshops and affinity groups for artists in search of community.  With new modalities available through Zoom, these engagements are designed to share ideas and build knowledge by first developing a shared sense of connectivity. In small groups and over a period of engagements, artists co-create the bonds necessary to thrive in a life of art.


  • facilitated artist groups who work together to generate a sense of community and to cultivate peer wisdom around the work and life of each participant

  • curated 

  • confidential 

  • committed

connectivity exercises

  • various in-person and online group activities that draw out compassion, connection, intimacy, and creativity

  • for small groups

  • in the classroom

  • at the workplace

  • from an hour, up to a weekend

WORKSHOPS & presentations

  • aimed to grow professional development skills for artists of all career levels

  • 2 hr professional development seminars

  • 5 week proposal writing workshops

  • artist advocacy presentations 

  • tailor-made trainings in project management, public art, and much more

  • includes individualized feedback for participants

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